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    We move pianos, Pool tables, appliances and hot tubs.
    We load and unload trucks


    Local moves usually require little driving. Most local moves are completed within one day with a truck and a team of movers exclusively servicing your move.


    Intrastate moves can entail from 50 miles up to several hundred miles of driving. In state moves are typically completed “Same Day” but some are delivered as “Next Day” service.

    Residential Moves

    Our versatile packing service will pack your entire home, one room or we’ll just box up those small random items. You only pay for the boxes you use and we’ll carefully wrap and clearly label your cartons.

    Apartment Moves

    WOW MOVERS understands that moving into an apartment is expensive enough without the added strain of excessive mover fees, which is why we are the apartment movers Atlanta residents come to for exceptional services at affordable prices.

    Office Moves

    With experienced moving crews who have moved hundreds of offices, we have the knowledge and the equipment to move your business effectively to avoid downtime and get your business up-and-running with little to no interruptions.

    Pool table movers

    Our moving teams are highly trained to move specialty items of all kinds, and they have the skills and resources to properly pack, transport, and unpack even the largest and most expensive pool tables without damaging them.


    Packing is putting items into cartons (boxes). Dishes, vases, small appliances, lamps, paintings, books, clothes, towels, linens, bathroom items etc. – all need packing. Packing does not mean crating or blanket wrapping. Shrink-wrapping, blanketing, and padding are parts of the moving service


    Small Carton, 1.5 cu. ft. (16x12x12h).

    For books, CD's, DVD's, records, and other small heavy items.


    Medium Carton, 3.0 cu. ft. (18x18x16h).

    Versatile carton, commonly used for pots, pans, toys, non-perishable food, and small appliances.


    Large Carton, 4.5 cu. ft. (18x18x24h) or (24x18x18h).

    Mainly for packing linens, clothing, shoes, bedding and other light-weight non-breakables.


    Dish Pack Carton, 5.0 cu. ft. (18x18x28h).

    Sturdy double-walled carton for breakables and glassware.


    Extra Large Carton, 6.0 cu. ft. (24x18x24h).

    For light large items like pillows, lampshades, and hats.


    Lamp Carton (12x12x40h)

    Made for packing lamps or other narrow and tall items.


    Wardrobe Carton (18x21x48h) or (24x21x48h)

    Portable closet carton for packing clothing on hangers.


    Mirror Carton (30hx3.5×40) or (40hx3.5×60)

    For pictures, mirrors, or flat glass (depending on thickness).


    If made of multiple adjustable sleeves


    Tote/File Carton (24x12x10h) or (24x15x10h)

    For packing letters and legal size paper files.

    $4.59 / $5.85

    Mattress Cover.

    Plastic bag that fully covers a mattress, needs tape-seal at the top.

    Mattress Carton.

    Made specifically for packing mattresses.

    Bubble Wrap, 24″ x 24″ or 24″ x 250′

    For wrapping fragile items, artwork, collectibles, or electronics.

    $1.89 / $85.95

    Packing Paper, 10-pound & 25-pound Bundles

    Clean, unprinted paper for wrapping and cushioning individual items.

    $9.99 / $24.75

    Paper Pad, 48″ x 72″ or 60″ x 72″

    Unprinted 3-ply brown paper for wrapping large individual items.

    $1.89 / $2.25

    Tape, Roll size 2” x 55 yards or 2″ x 110 yards

    Used to seal the top and bottom of boxes, cartons, and other containers.

    $3.69 / $5.85

    We are your


    to professional and affordable moving

    and packing – whether across town

    or across the state.


    WOW MOVERS is the fastest growing local mover in Metro Atlanta. With ten years experience in the moving industry and more than 20 years in customer service, we’ve developed a customer focused, efficient moving system that goes above and beyond your expectations. We’re changing Georgia one move at a time. We don’t just move you…

    “we’ll WOW you!”